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What device did you use to visit
Which browser and version did you use to view the website?

Did you experience any general issues when using the site?

Did you experience any problems uploading files?

Did you encounter any glitches on the site?

Did you encounter any unresponsive/broken links?

Any issues with responsiveness?

How do you rate the navigation of the website?
How do you rate the search facilities of the website?
Is it clear what myEventGenie does?

Is it clear what the benefits are to your business?

Do you find the website design appealing?

Is it clear what we want you to do on the website?

Did the landing page make you want to sign up?

How would you rate the registration and creating your business profile process?
Did you understand why we requested DBS check, Public Liability Insurance and references?

How easy was it to find information that you needed?
How likely are you to return to the website?