New year, new beginnings and a new business venture

Co-Founder of, Penny Jackson, reflects on a new year and the launch for a new venture to support the events industry.

Well, it is the start of yet another new year and we are all looking to new opportunities and plenty of beautiful events to plan and execute.

The events industry is such an exciting and vibrant community to be part of and let’s face it, a well-planned event on whatever scale can bring so much happiness to so many people.  It’s not a bad raison d’être for getting out of bed every morning!

I find the great thing about working in events is the opportunities for meeting so many talented and clever people.   I have been lucky to work with some wonderful people in all different genres – Photographers, Florists, Equipment Hire, Gift and Gift Presentation services, Venues and Venue Decorators, Marquees, Hair and Beauty; to name but so very few.

The secret to a successful event is a good network and over the years, through trial and error, you get to know reliable suppliers.

In conjunction with my business partner, we got to thinking about people who might be organising an event for the first time, those who don’t have access to a little black book of contacts. What a daunting task this may be for someone taking on an event for the first time. A wedding, kids party, birthdays, prom, village fete and even a funeral are all part of life’s great texture but could also be a frightening hurdle at the same time.

Google or the Yellow Pages is always an option to research and find potential suppliers but what questions do you ask when you find them?  Are they reliable? Can you afford it?  Who is the best one to use?  We know there are some suppliers out there who cut corners.  OMG! Scary stuff.  When an event goes wrong it is the ultimate nightmare!

With focus on suppliers, our own experience has taught us that whatever your niche, the big wide world is a harsh master.  Running a business, particularly a small one is sometimes a lonely place.  We’ve been there;  the day-to-day, keeping existing customers happy and getting the job done.  Kicking your shoes off, putting your feet up and pouring a large G&T can seem a distant dream.  Essential though it is,  marketing your business and finding new customers can seem very hard work.  How do you feel when you set your business up the right way, and discover the competition taking business from you, doesn’t have Public Liability Insurance and aren’t quite who they say they are?  It’s not a great scenario, yet it happens every day!

We resolved to bring suppliers together with ordinary people, to help them organise successful every day special occasions. Match-making professional expertise with targeted requirement, and all “under one roof”.  Advertising can be expensive, particularly for a small business, and we wanted to help provide a cost-effective, level playing field, where business size doesn’t matter and the search results show no favour.  We wanted to do the marketing, find the customers and bring them via the platform for all our suppliers.  We wanted to ensure our rooky event hosts could trade with suppliers safely in a secure environment, that a supplier’s competition is legitimate and fair, so we decided to run our own checks.  We wanted to create an all -inclusive on-line community, to exchange ideas and engender a sense of belonging for all our suppliers and Event Hosts…

Welcome to our creation,!

We are in our beta phase at the moment and would be delighted if you take the time to look around and provide us feedback here.