Picture Perfect – a cautionary tale of planning an event with an untrustworthy supplier

Why reliability means more than just turning up on the day…

As anyone involved in the events industry will know, there are times when we wipe our sweating (or should I say “glowing”?) foreheads and breathe a heartfelt sigh of relief that we managed to pull off an event without mishap.

An event is one of those things where there are no second chances.  If it’s not right on the night then we’ve all got a problem and there is going to be at least one very unhappy customer!

It takes me back a few years to a cautionary tale from some friends of mine.

It was going to be the wedding of the year.  Everything was outsourced including a wedding organiser, photographer, florist, caterer, marquee hire, wedding dress, entertainers, fireworks and string quartet. You get the picture, it was the whole shebang.

Everything was “alright on the night” and the whole day seemed to go without a hitch. It was a beautiful wedding on a gorgeous day with a lively evening do, an emotional first dance that bought a tear or two and the bride looked stunning.

It was a few days later a seismic problem came to light. The professional photographer had no pictures!!

Well, there were Granny’s snaps and all the usual pictures of the amateur variety, but nothing that captured the day in the timeless elegance that such an event deserved.

“OMG they’re going to be mad!”, “The bride will be devastated” you can just imagine how many derivatives of that phrase went around like Chinese Whispers in the happily honeymooning bride and groom’s absence?

Now here’s the thing.  As anyone in business who provides a product or service knows, you need insurance, and it should come with a capital “I”.  Same letter as “Important”!

Synonymous too with “just In case”  The “I” word or more specifically, Public Liability Insurance or PLI for short, and every supplier either big or small should have it!

The hapless photographer had no insurance and the now unhappy couple did sue, putting an excellent photographer out of business, all because he had no insurance cover.

I feel some pity for the photographer, up to a point. My extreme sympathies lie with the Bride & Groom who had paid a “professional” for his services in good faith that he would deliver on his promise, and had no redress when it went wrong.

It’s not good practice and is a sober lesson.  It is one good reason we ask for a copy of every supplier’s Public Liability Insurance before their profile is available to any of our Event Hosts on myEventGenie.com.

Weddings in particular are notoriously extremely stressful to organize, as there are so many people to co-ordinate.  It is not surprising therefore that the basic essentials get missed or just not even thought about, so we do the checking on behalf of our Event Hosts, then they don’t have to.

myEventGenie physically checks the Public Liability Insurance certificate of each and every supplier. And guess what? No certificate, no profile!

We ensure the PLI remains in date too for those “just In case” scenarios, which are difficult to predict, but do happen.   Thankfully only occasionally!

If you have a similar story to tell, then please share it with us, we would love to hear from you!